Extraction solution for Audi

It had not been envisaged that GEOVENT in Viborg were to supply the ventilation solution to Gumpens Auto Audi/Volkswagen in Norway. However, strong focus on increased value and long-term solutions brought the company into play for the prestigious building project, where functionality and aesthetics go hand in hand

At GEOVENT, who are specialists in customized ventilation solutions for the car industry, they believe in the value of being three steps ahead of the customer and in having the courage to reach out for the long-term solutions as opposed to only talking about price. Thomas Molsen, Sales Director at GEOVENT, says: ”At GEOVENT, we are concerned about value creation ahead of the order. Our top priority is not to make things as cheap as possible, but to create additional value for the customer. On the other hand, we never sell a solution that the customer does not need, but we focus on the value creation through long-term solutions only – also on solutions, which may not appear from the tender documents.”

GEOVENT came in from the cold
It had not been envisaged that GEOVENT got the job, but precisely thinking further than the customer and creating additional value were parts of the parameters, which ITEK, GEOVENT’s Norwegian cooperation partner was looking for in relation to the ventilation contract. Heikki Systad, the Market Manager at ITEK: ”GEOVENT complements ITEK within segments such as welding, exhaust fumes, dust filters, etc., and the company is flexible as well as innovative. The cooperation is constructive and pleasant and it incorporates all the human factors, which are vital to success in the long term. Our long relations have been strengthened during the past few years.»

Beautiful and functional
Remote controlled hose reels with automatic start/stop, rail systems for mobile extraction units, motor damper for all extraction units, pressure controlled fan, which reduces the noise level and optimizes energy consumption, as well as equipment with special paintwork according to the choice of colour by Gumpens Auto. At Gumpens Auto, where they have 27 working places, they pay special attention to detail. Thomas Molsen says: ”Gumpens Auto is an extraordinary nice car dealership, where aesthetics and functionality go hand in hand. We also have to keep in mind that we are only one piece of the puzzle in the overall picture. To accomplish a prestigious building project like Gumpens Auto requires strong cooperation across professions.”

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