We take responsibility - recycling packaging

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Our packaging plays an essential role in ensuring that our products reach our customers safely. At the same time, we recognize that packaging consumption can lead to increased amounts of waste and impact on our environment. As part of our commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goal 12 on responsible production and consumption, we will reduce our packaging consumption and encourage our customers and suppliers to do the same.

Recycling label

Our goals and actions

We will continue to be a responsible company and reduce our environmental impact through

Recycling packaging

Our commitment

For us, working with sustainability is a journey. We are constantly gaining new knowledge and new ideas while keeping up with new requirements, regulations and opportunities. We keep track of how the rules in the EU Packaging Directive are being formulated and what demands it places on us. At the same time, we engage in dialog with our packaging suppliers about how they see and work with product development.

By reducing our packaging consumption without compromising on quality, we want to ensure that our business practices match our values of being a responsible company working to contribute to sustainable solutions.

We believe that together with customers, suppliers and partners, we can take responsibility and make a difference to create greater circularity and thus more sustainable solutions.

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Recycling packaging

From Recycling of carton to reuse of boxes

What do our employees think about the project?

To work with sustainability demands a full commitment from our employees.
Therefore, we are happy that our employees back up our activities.

“It is really fun with the puzzle to pack in different boxes instead of in standard size boxes.
Being reducing our use of carton is really good – and the green stickers are so nice.”

Trine Bruun
Trainee, Administration

“Today, we are not re-using enough boxes. It is great that we send the carton for recycling, but it is even better that we will re-use the actual boxes.”

Peter Madsen