workplace design

We supply various products to optimize the workplace in industrial companies, schools etc.

The customized welding booths, welding and grinding tables, spray booths, smoking cabins etc. makes it possible to create a safe and practical workplace. Extraction of polluting particles like fume and dust, practical working position, and noise reduction are factors which must be a part of a safe solution.

Welding booth

Booths for welding or grinding. Designed to the customers specific need

Spray booth

Spray booth with light, Andreae-filter, wheels and drip tray

Welding booths

Geo-Dan sandwich built elements with 0,6 mm galvanised and powder coated steel sheet metal on both sides.

Tornado hood

The Tornado hood has been designed for use in places where unhealthy vapors occur

Smoking cabin

Smoking cabin for use e.g. on ships and other places, where vibrations requires a sturdy and rigid construction