Ventilation automatics

GEOVENT offers a wide selection of ventilation controls and automatics solutions. By combining our solutions we secure the most comfortable use of the extraction systems, noise reduction, and saving of energy. Our solutions with a process guard (pressure guard) comply with the requirements of the The Danish Working Environment Authority.

Advanced automatics for fans

MultiBox IV

Perfect for dynamic pressure regulation optimizing the solution considering energy, CO2, and noise.

MultiBox III

Perfect for dynamic pressure regulation in installations with throttle valve and/or a fan with frequency inverter.

PowerBox III

PowerBox III

Powerbox III – for automatic opening/closing of a motor damper and/or start/stop of a fan.

PowerSmart II

PowerSmart II – For automatic activation of the fan when extraction is needed.


Circuit breaker

Geovent circuit breakers are deigned for use in the industry and it is ideal for use with Geovent fans.

Motor damper

GFD damper, with quick opening and closing option, is specifically designed for the use with spot extraction applications.
Dim.: ø80 to ø500.

Frequency inverters

Frequency inverters

High quality external frequency inverters GeoDrive GD20, GD350, and ABB ACS-150, ACH-580.

AirBox III

An automatic monitor of the pressure in a ventilation system.

AirBox Lite

A economic automatic monitor of the pressure in a ventilation system.