Extension arm with ASA4 arm

A ventilation company contacted Geovent, since their customer had found new premises for their forging shop and therefore needed a new extraction system.

The welding blanks in their workshop are very big, so the need for extraordinary long ASA 4 extraction arms was quite urgent. Geovent suggested that they use our brand new extension arms, together with our 4 meter ASA 4 arms.
This solution with the new extension arms turned out to be the perfect solution. The customer is very pleased with the solution, since the new Geovent extension arms are extremely easy to position above the large blanks to be welded.
The extension arm is constructed with very mobile bearings and bushings, making the arm/extension arm very user-friendly. What makes this extension arm so special is that it is universal, i.e. if you have this extension arm in your workshop, and you wish to exchange the extraction arm to our WING, ASA or COMPACT arm, for example, then it will actually be possible. It is easy to exchange the adaptor, placed right on front of the extension arm and then exchange the arm.

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